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ENO Tree Planting Demo Game in Act Now!

ENO  Plant 100 Million Trees Now in Facebook!

ENO  Plant 100 Million Trees Now in Facebook!      

ENO Programme Association started a project Learning about forests through game in social media. In its demo game players learn about planting trees and their impacts on environment. Trees are planted in three different types of forests, their growth is followed and life of forests as well as their impact on environment and climate change.  Project is funded mostly by European Social Fund including North Karelia’s Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment . Demo game is made by Tripworks from Joensuu, Finland.

Demo game is planted into reality as ENO Programme has launched a tree planting campaign, aiming to plant 100 million trees by 2017. About 10 000 schools in 158 countries have planted about 10 million trees since 2004.  This commitment was highlighted in the overall summary of Rio+20 commitments.

The official launch will take place at Eno Secondary School in Joensuu, 15 March 2013.  Teachers and students in over 50 countries have registered this launch event in Facebook, in the address

Mika Vanhanen , project manager: ”ENO Programme has used Facebook over 5 years for learning so therefore it’s a relevant platform for the demo game. Though the focus is on the pedagogical dimension and its development, the demo has to include entertaining elements. We know that access to Facebook is not possible in some countries and because of age of players. But if and when there will be a demand to make a real game, it will be built on all the most important platforms. This demo has raised a great interest around the world!”

Demo game will be showcased also in the Act Now Conference!


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ENO Programme Associations 
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