Conference news

ENO Action Plan For Renewable Energy


KOLI,  11 SEP 2015

We, teachers, students and other participants for Act Now Conference have discussed about most urgent actions needed to promote renewable energy. We chose 10 most important of them and planted 10 trees to symbolize each act.

1.  Solar energy must be utilised more in the communities  - Botswana

2.  Let us build build energy especially in the windy regions and countries.  - Portugal

3. We must start to use more bioenergy. Forests play very important role in our country. We ask our government to support.  – Finland

4.  Biogas projects have been very succesful at our school. We have called other schools to join them  - India

5.  Our  new school have started to use solar energy. We promote it to other schools in our city  - Iran

6.  Countries and regions must find the sources of renewable energy that best suits to them. Cities must take the action.  Philippines

7.  Biomass  and hydroenergy are important. We need to research them more.  Argentina

8.  We ask our government to support solar panels for every schools in our country  and ask sponosrs to support as well. Malaysia

9.  We promote wind energy more in our community . Nepal

10. Our school has made solar energy applications for charging phones and robotics. We will spread the good experience in our city. -  Taiwan