14 June: Opening Ceremonies & School visits


Wed June 14

8.30                       Gathering and day info             Lyseo Secondary school

9.00-10.00        Visit to schools                                                             

                                 Walk to Botania (2 kilometers)

10.30-11.30     Botania  garden (sponsored by ENO)              Botania             

                                 Walk to the Lunch (1 kilometer)

12.00-13.00     Lunch at Amica Restaurant (5 Euros)            Futura               

13.00-14.00     Opening ceremony                                                       F100 hall          

14.00                    Coffee break (sponsored by ENO)                     Futura

14.15                    Teacher quater                                                              Futura

18.00                    Evening buffet and reception                                Cosmic

  • Sponsored by the City of Joensuu and ENO
  • Dinner and bowling