17 June: 100 Spruces and Jukola Relay











100 Spruces and Jukola Relay in Eno village

 Feel the atmosphere of the big annual orienteering event, Jukola Relay. Joensuu-Jukola 2017 will be organized by Kalevan Rasti in Eno close to Joensuu. 16 000 competitors and total 40 000 people  are expceted to take part to the event. Joensuu-Jukola 2017 is part of the programme for the centenary of Finland’s independence. See more information in English here.

Sat June 17

11.00 Getting to know orieteering (University woods)

13.00 Lunch in the woods

15.00 Bus transportation to Eno Village (30 km)

A bus tour around the competition area

18.00 Planting 100 spruces

19.00 Following Jukola relay and snack

20.00 Bus back to Joensuu